Tokyo Travel Guide: Nakameguro

Lined with designer boutiques, eclectic cafes, and luxury shops, Nakameguro has earned a reputation for being one...

‘Round and ‘Round We Go: The Yamanote Line

Ryu Tokyo’s Anthony and Christine take a tour on Tokyo’s Yamanote Line, a 35-kilometer train loop that connects different parts of the...

Fallout from Carlos’ Great Escape

Carlos Ghosn, the former CEO and Chairman of Nissan, skipped bail and successfully staged a James Bond-esque escape to Beirut. What's next?

Giri/Haji: A Delightful, Unlikely Tale

Giri/Haji is an entertaining crime thriller worths watching, but it misses the opportunity to depict a more realistic version of Japanese people and culture.

Kamotsuru Brewery – Craftsmanship Lives in Sake

History of Kamotsuru: Sake, Japan’s national drink, has been a part of the Japanese culture for many centuries. Kamotsuru,...

The Mastermind behind Hotel Zen Tokyo – Taro Kagami

Taro Kagami is the Architect & CEO of Hotel Zen Tokyo. Kagami was inspired by Kyoto’s historic, small Taian teahouse (or, chashitsu) and...

Tokyo Travel Guide: ICC – Where Art and Science Come Together

How do Art and Science co-exist? A visit to the NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC) may give you an answer.

Risk Your Life for Lunch? Sampling Fugu at the Source

Since moving to the northeastern part of Kyushu last summer my wife and I had been anticipating a chance to sample one...

The Art of ‘Reading the Air’ in Japanese Culture

When I first arrived in Japan, I already spoke decent Japanese and was familiar with many of the Japanese customs, so I assumed that...

Hisashi Udatsu – World Class Sushi Chef

Udatsu Sushi, tucked away in the neighborhood of Nakameguro, is a space for people wanting a dining experience that will stand out amongst any other in Tokyo.