The Best Japanese Reality Show on Netflix: Terrace House

Reality TV is anything but real - however, Terrace House does a commendable job of getting us close to a version of reality that feels like home.

“Weathering with You” to represent Japan for Oscar Entry

Shinkai's latest movie "Weathering with You," already crossed 10 Billion yen (95 Million USD) at the Box Office. 10 Billion yen sale makes the top 10 films from all genre of all time in Japan.

The Art of Japanese Mirror Finishing (Coins, Knives)

Mirror Finishing (鏡面仕上げ) is a technique used to produce a mirror-like smooth surface on metal by mechanical or electrolytic polishing.

Locals vs. Tourists? A Controversy over Mario Kart in Tokyo

For those of you who do or don't know, Mario Kart in Tokyo (Now "Street Kart Tokyo Bay") has become a huge thing for...

Pachinko – The 200 Billion dollar Gambling

As Abroad in Japan explains in the following video, "Pachinko" is the No. 1 gamble in Japan by far. Pachinko's market value...