After the Tokyo 2020 games were postponed due to the Coronavirus, the Japanese government has shifted gears and is focused on holding the games in 2021 in some form or another. Undoubtedly, The main message from Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has been quite polarising amongst Japanese citizens. However, what do Japanese people really think about holding the Tokyo Olympics in 2021?

To properly gauge the reactions of everyday people, Yasu & our reporter Christian went out to the streets of Shibuya & Harajuku to find out exactly what Japanese people think about the Tokyo 2021 games, going ahead next year.

Hosts of Ryu Tokyo Podcast

Julian Domanski

Born in England, Julian is a writer, videographer & musician living in Tokyo. When he’s not drinking copious amounts of English Tea, he can be found studying Japanese or trying to master the surprisingly complex basics of the Jiuta Shamisen.

Yasuharu Matsuno

Founder of Ryu Tokyo. Japanese-born entrepreneur. Yasu spent his life around the globe – Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, and the U.S. He hopes he had more time to play Japanese RPGs. MBA from Columbia University in the City of New York.