Mirror Finishing is a technique used to produce a mirror-like smooth surface on metal by mechanical or electrolytic polishing.

A YouTube channel hakaihan is gaining a lot of attention in Japan recently for the videos applying high-quality Mirror Finish on different types of coins. For example, the following video went viral (over 3.5 Million views) for its astounding polishing technique on a 100 yen coin:

As you can see, the surface of the coin is so smooth that it reflects a clear image of Woody as if it’s a real mirror. Here’s another version, applying the Mirror Finishing on a 10 yen:

kiwami japan is another popular YouTube channel in a similar category with over 2.5 Million subscribers. Kiwami regularly posts videos of sharpening knives and also making knives from random materials, such as “potatoes” or “plastic bottles”.

The video below (which has got over 26 Million views!) shows Kiwami spending 18 hours polishing and sharpening a rusty knife that he bought in an antique store. You’ll be surprised by the huge gap in before-and-after of the knife:

See how the surface of the knife has become like a mirror? Salute to these Japanese artists’ craftsmanship!

Enjoy watching the state of the art “Mirror Finish”!