Have you all Neon Genesis Evangelion fans ever wondered what it would be like to stand in the palm of a life-sized Evangelion?

Well, wonder no more, after the opening of the new Evangelion Kyoto Base! Built as an extended area of the popular Toei Kyoto Studio Park, the EVA Base is home to a life-sized model of the Shinji Ikari’s Evangelion, EVA-01!

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Our Evangelion Experience

As this attraction is still technically ‘under construction,’ a staff member led us around to the secret back entrance where we received our special NERV ID cards. After a brief explanation of what to expect, you’ll be able to step on the open palm of EVA-01 for an unforgettable photo opportunity. You’re allowed to take your photos, but there is also a camera perch high up above the platform. You check out these photos later at the photo booth and get them printed out as souvenirs.

Step on the open palm of EVA-01 for an unforgettable photo opportunity.

Our tickets were for the showing at 3 pm which was convenient, after being a clear 36-degree summer’s day up until this point, was also the time that the heavens opened, just had another layer of drama to what was already pretty epic experience.

We were then able to watch a short show that replicates a battle from the show using audio effects, lights, and water cannons that simulate attacks against the EVA.

With this being a life-size model of EVA-01, you’ll need to climb a few stairs to make it all the way up to the enter plug on the top level.

Climb a few stairs to make it all the way up to the enter plug.
Sit inside the Entry Plug and take a picture.

With our abysmal scores, we both fell into the ‘Pilot In Training’ Category, which leaves me to wonder if anyone will be able to obtain the coveted ‘Ace Pilot’ ranking.

Test your synchronization rate and the aptitude as an Eva pilot.

After all the excitement of riding on EVA-01, you can head over to the NERV Cafe which is serving some limited-edition menu items.

Head over to the NERV Cafe after you enjoyed the Evangelion.

They offer ice drinks that are named LCL after the red liquid that the Evangelion is submerged in a mysterious blue flavor called 変わればいいと思うよ (kawareba iito omouyo), which will turn to that classic Evangelion purple when you add the secret ingredient!

Although the real-life Evangelion is not available to the public until October 2020, you can check the latest info on the Toei Kyoto Studio Park’s official website:

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